FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WV News) — Palatine Park has shared its schedule of Summer 2023 shows, including a wide variety of tribute artists, local talent and nights that are sure to be remembered.

Marion County Administrator Kris Cinalli, who oversees the park’s events, said although the schedule is usually released sometime in April, engagement the community has had with the Palatine Park Facebook page led him to release the list last week.

In a post on the Palatine Park Facebook page, Cinalli said he’d release the schedule if the post received more than 500 likes, a goal that was quickly met.

“It kind of went nuts (Thursday) night, and I was surprised,” Cinalli said. “I thought it would take a couple of days, or maybe we wouldn’t even get to it, but within an hour we hit 500 likes. The responses we’re getting are overwhelmingly positive. This time of year really starts to drag — it’s cold, and you can’t do much — so we wanted to give people something to look forward to. …

“It (the draw of the park’s summer shows) is also getting so big. We have a lot of people who schedule vacations and travel trips around these shows, and a lot of feedback that we got was that, by April, it was a little tight for them to do that.”

The Palatine Park Summer 2023 lineup includes the following shows:

May 26 — Green River, the Ultimate CCR/John Fogerty Tribute Show
May 27 — KISS Army, “The Coolest Band in the World”
June 3 — Palatine Legends Series: SOS, Sounds of Sting and the Police; EXODUS, A Tribute to Bob Marley
June 10 — Palatine Legends Series: BADFISH, A Tribute to Sublime; The Red Not Chili Peppers
June 24 — Palatine Legends Series: GROHLFEST, featuring Smells Like Nirvana and FOOZ FIGHTERS
July 1 – Independence Day event featuring fireworks and entertainment form Byron “Six Six” Cooper, DJ Unique, Weird Science and Liquid A
July 8 – The Johnnie Johnson Festival, featuring Ernie Johnson from Detroit, Everyday Everybody and High and Mighty Brass Band
July 15 – Shakespeare in the Park
July 22 — Palatine Legends Series: Satisfaction, The International Rolling Stones Show; Bullet the Blue Sky, a U2 tribute band
July 29 – The 2023 Sounds Good Festival, featuring Aristotle Jones, Shelem, Habatat, Heavy Hitters and the Annie Neely Band
Aug. 5 – The Georgia Thunderbolts and Stephanie Quayle
Aug. 12 – Anna Moss and the Nightshades and Megan Jean’s Secret Family
Aug. 19 — Palatine Legends Series: Start Making Sense, a Talking Heads tribute band; Carpool, The Ultimate Cars Tribute Band
Aug. 26 — Palatine Legends Series: SCHISM, a Tool tribute band
Sept. 2 – The Bones of J.R. Jones and Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Cinalli said that he’s excited about the lineup, which features tribute bands from a number of genres and eras, as well as what he believes are top quality, although perhaps lesser-known bands, playing during festivals and other nights throughout the summer.

Very few of the bands and artists performing this summer have played at Palatine Park before, which Cinalli said is a conscious decision to provide for as much variety as possible throughout the schedule.

“Every year, we want to keep it mixed up,” Cinalli said. “If you do too much of one era or genre, it’s going to get stale, and we want to keep attracting new people. … Our whole goal is to bring different people in, and you don’t do that by having the same stuff and hoping that different people come out.”

Cinalli said that he’s looking forward to this summer’s shows, and he encouraged those interested to find a few shows that they’d like to attend and make Palatine Park a destination in 2023.

“We’re very excited, and I think that they’re well above average as far as our price range and getting shows that really showcase some of the best talent that’s around these days to Palatine Park,” Cinalli said. “We feel lucky to have them, and we’re glad they’re coming.”

For more information on Palatine Park’s summer 2023 events, visit the Palatine Park Facebook page.


*Originally Published by John Mark Shaver on WVNEWS.COM